You are the Artist, Your Words & Choices Your Medium, Your Existence Your Canvas, Your Experience the Results !

Who Are YOU?

Have you ever considered that your most important creation in life is YOU?

Who you are is significantly more important and more influential than what you do or who you know. WHO YOU ARE is THE most profound STATEMENT you make about what you consider to be the purpose of life, the work of life. Who you are BEING is the foundation for what you DO and what you HAVE. Who you are being at any moment speaks so loudly, I can’t hear anything you are saying. The way you identify who you are is translated into your every word choice, facial or hand gesture, tone of voice variation, movement, etc. So HOW do you identify yourself?

One of the most significant shifts in our culture has been the changing identities of young Americans. The experts say every generation distinguishes itself with these kinds of changes, but I think exploring those taken place since the 1960’s is worthwhile. The ’60’s radicals’ sexual revolution imprint on peer pressure has resulted in a preoccupation with personal satisfaction and a pervading permissiveness in all aspects of American life. How have these shifts in the American perspective affected you? Your children? Your friends and neighbors?

A quick look at our media gives us clues as to who we, as Americans, have become. R-rated language, images and topics are commonplace on TV and in movies, books and magazines as never before. Unfortunately, unless we are significantly aware human beings, we are affected by the bombardment of messages in our various media: radio, tv, movies, books, magazines, advertising (print as well as other forms), internet, billboards, etc. Without studying the propaganda techniques used by politicians, advertising campaigns and activists, we can be aware that the “agenda” of most of these sources is to persuade us to be and do what they want us to be and do.

Most of us have felt the pressure by family, parents and others, to conform to a particular identity. Sometimes we conformed, other times we rebelled. But what did you ultimately choose to incorporate into your identity? As an adolescent and young adult, your choices moved you in a direction that built on a foundation for the creation of the Self you were to become. As a therapist and life coach who has worked with adults in midlife crisis, I can tell you that most therapy issues lead back to this juncture: The place and time when you chose to make a commitment to take a road and a perspective for creation of your Self and your Identity – WHO YOU WANTED TO BE!



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