You are the Artist, Your Words & Choices Your Medium, Your Existence Your Canvas, Your Experience the Results !



Face Painting

Glastonbury, England, Creativity Ritual

Hello and Welcome! I am Rev. Dr. Autymn Renee Allen. As an Artist, Minister, Therapist, Coach, for many years I have journeyed through Life searching for what WORKS to CREATE a Satisfying Life! Although my beginning in life was compromised by family dysfunctions, trials and tribulations, I was able to find my way, not just to overcome, but how to ELIMINATE and consciously establish a New Way of Being for myself. The result is  L.I.F.E.4Coaching©   –  Life  Integration For Enlightenment, Equanimity, Empowerment & Enjoyment.

As a responsible Adult,  consciously choosing WHO you intend to BE is required. In life you get to play whatever roles you choose.  Or are you playing roles that you were given in childhood and have outgrown? Are you playing roles that were projected on you by authority figures or caretakers? When you become aware of spiritual dimensions, when you consciously focus on your spiritual development, you become the co-creator with God/Spirit. You become the ARTIST of you most important creation – your Life!

Learn HOW to Become Who YOU Choose to Be!


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